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Central City Opera Podcast

The Central City Opera Podcast introduces you to the movers and shakers of the Central City Opera Festival. Episodes feature interviews with principal and young artists, designers, directors, conductors, and other production staff.  The podcast is hosted and edited by Emily Murdock, Director of Education & Community Engagement at Central City Opera.

Season 7 features the productions of the 2022 Summer Festival: Guettel's THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA, Strauss' DIE FLEDERMAUS, and Heggie's TWO REMAIN. Make sure you're subscribed on your podcast app of choice to get the latest episodes delivered directly to your device.

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Jul 28, 2022

On this episode, we hear from David Duffield, a historian with The Center on Colfax in Denver, Colorado. David was part of a panel of experts hosted by Central City Opera on June 12, 2022, to give perspectives on the themes within the chamber opera TWO REMAIN. I asked him to be on the podcast to dig even deeper, and he shares about LGBTQ history in Colorado and beyond, art as activism, and cultural representation. One of my favorite things he says in the interview is, “You feel a little more human when you see yourself in the artmaking.”

David Duffield is from Denver and is a social studies teacher with Denver Public Schools. He helped found the Colorado LGBTQ History Project in 2014 with The Center on Colfax, focusing on Oral History, Archiving, Education, and Networking. Among the accomplishments of the History Project are over 100 oral histories, the donation of 36 archival collections to receiving institutions, the creation of lesson plans, exhibits, and public tours of queer history in Colorado, and dozens of other talks and collaborations with people around the world.

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